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Wendy Hornak Honored in 2023 Women in PHCP

Women in PHCP 2023 Features Our Inside Sales Manager

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Here is an excerpt from Wendy's interview.

What is your role in the PHCP industry? 

I’ve held my role as Preferred Sales’ inside sales manager for five years. I started my career in outside sales with PSI. After becoming a mom to my first son, who had severe special needs, I decided my career needed to head in another direction. PSI created a remote inside sales role for me in 2012, and the rest is history. 

Why did you enter a career in the industry? 

After I graduated college, I worked for a water company during the day and bartended during evenings and weekends. I was approached by our co-owner and now Vice President of Sales Michelle Lewnes-Dadas in 2004, but it was not until 2006 that I accepted a position. Michelle saw my work ethic and determination and said, “Bartending is just like sales, and you’re a great bartender.”

What are some of your career highlights? 

My biggest highlight is transitioning from outside to inside sales and then to a leadership role while working primarily remotely. I also have trainings with every employee who comes to work for PSI, and I am proud that I have helped in the development of our team and onboarding process. 

What are your experiences with women mentors or mentees?

The biggest mentor of my life is my mother. I also have had the privilege of having Michelle as a colleague, leader and friend. 

I have found passion in mentorship by volunteering. I am the vice president of our Partners in Education program at our son’s school, which is made up of mostly working moms. I have been a confidant of several special needs moms within this community. I find that working mothers in today’s world have a wealth of knowledge to share, especially with our upcoming generation of young professional women. 

How can the industry better recruit and retain women? 

Making sure we are recruiting and not limiting our views on diversity is a huge component of our future. I also feel social media presence will play a big role in women moving forward in the industry. 

What does it mean to receive this honor? 

I am grateful to be among the past and present honorees who have been rocking this industry. Being a part of this elite crew of women is truly amazing.