StockedStocked in our warehouses
28 years represented

Custom engineered foam products and components to meet insulation needs.

2 years represented

Manufacturer of combustion analyzers and gas detection products. Annual calibration is done at our warehouse in Hermitage, PA.

11 years represented

A leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, residential and commercial mini-split and VRF systems.

24 years represented

Flexible, corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) for natural gas and propane distribution.

15 years represented

PVC pipe products for DWV applications and electrical conduit.

8 years represented

MagicPak All-In-OneĀ® HVAC Systems are perfect for apartments, condominiums and other multiple-occupancy buildings.

6 years represented

An industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, accessories and hand tools for professional users.

15 years represented

Distributes an unmatched array of more than 6,000 plumbing products under Oatey, Cherne, Hercules, Dearborn, and Harvey.

2 years represented

An alternative to line sets, Python PERT-AL-PERT line sets are light-weight, chemical resistant, UV resistant, and tear and kink resistant. Perfect for both standard split and mini-split systems.

3 years represented

Thermo Products line features warm air furnaces, heat pumps, central air conditioning systems, and a full line of related accessories.

15 years represented

PVC fittings for DWV and Schedule 40 applications.

8 years represented

Quality products solving exhaust, ventilation and heating/cooling issues.

17 years represented

The world's premier PEX-a pipe manufacturer for commercial and residential potable and hydronic applications.

3 years represented

Westinghouse residential, ductless mini-split systems offer energy-efficient solutions in single- and multi-zone applications.

HVAC Manufacturer Representative

Preferred Sales Inc. is a trusted HVAC manufacturer representative. With decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, we excel in connecting HVAC manufacturers with the right distribution partners, ensuring success in a competitive market.

HVAC Sales Representative Agency Services

Our team offers a comprehensive range of market solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of HVAC manufacturers. Simply, we wake up every day to make markets for our manufacturers’ unique products. Our services include market analysis, product placement, distributor relationship management, data analytics, and marketing support. We work tirelessly to enhance your brand's visibility and drive sales, helping both our teams to achieve our shared business goals.

Benefits of Partnering with Our Agency

Partnering with us brings several advantages. First and foremost, our industry expertise allows us to identify key growth opportunities and navigate market challenges effectively. We have established strong relationships with influential stakeholders in distribution, at the end-user level, at ownership levels, and in the architect and engineering community. These relationships ensure your products reach the right audience.

Our Market Reach and Distribution Network

We have an extensive market reach across our trading territory of Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. If you're looking to expand within this footprint, our relationships will help you achieve your goals.

Value-Added Services

In addition to our day-to-day sales activity, our team provides product training, startup, marketing, data analytics and market insights, and ongoing strategic planning to help our partners stay ahead of the competition. We're dedicated to your success, working collaboratively to develop strategies that drive growth and profitability.