Proper Startups are Vital to Equipment Health and Longevity

We have a team of experts trained to startup our manufacturers’ equipment. They will walk contractors through the approved startup procedures and ensure the system is ready to operate.


Commercial water heaters are far from a piece of “set it and forget it” equipment. Many factors go into a successful and long-lasting commercial water heater installation.Our team is trained to verify our Bradford White commercial water heaters will operate within the overall plumbing system. Every startup will follow our checklist to ensurethe following complies with install requirements:

  • Venting
  • Supply and return water piping
  • Gas lines
  • Condensate lines on condensing equipment

We also encourage contractors to contact us well ahead of anycommercial water heater install for a pre-install consultation. During these pre-install visits, we will rundown the install requirements to help contractors plan the final equipment layout.


Boiler. Circulator. Air separator. Expansion tank. Piping. Gas line.Venting. Condensateneutralizer. Sensors. Heat emitters. Combustion. And more!

Every hydronic system is a harmonious system in which each component must be properly sized and selected to ensure proper operation and promised comfort to the end-user.

Our hydronic experts are some of the country’s best when it comes to wet heat. From piping inspection to combustion analysis, our startup team will ensure each hydronic install is ready for action.


Our commercial sales team commissions every single domestic booster pump we sell. We help our contractors dial in final operating pressure to ensure each booster preforms to its specified standards.

When performing booster pump startups, our team is looking to satisfy several requirements:
  • Correct voltage readings throughout the system
  • Proper valve installation
  • Proper incoming pressures vs. design pressures
  • No system errors once pump has been placed into operating mode.


Every Fujitsu VRF system we sell must go through aproper commissioning to receive the factory warranty. Our team has been factory trained to commission Fujitsu VRF systems across our territory.

Fujitsu AIRSTAGE VRF systems are designed to provide lasting comfort to buildings of almost any size with heat pump or heat recovery options. 

Our Startup Experts

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Steve Armstrong

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