Trusted Partners in the Design Community

We've been integral in the engineering and architect community for years. Our manufacturers offer solutions to enhance the performance and feel of any project, and our team of commercial experts serve as trusted consultants throughout the design process. 

High-Performance Solutions for Your Spec

From basis-of-design to value engineering, our commercial sales experts have years of experience working with the engineering community to build high-performing mechanical and plumbing specifications. 

Our team has built a network of trust with the engineering firms across our territory because of our attention to detail and respect for their design process. We regularly host "Lunch and Learns" to assist our engineering community partners in staying updated on the latest solutions from our manufacturers. 

Whether commercial water heating, VRF HVAC systems, high-performance commercial PEX-a piping, or commercial restroom solutions, our commercial team is here to serve as a valuable resource in your design and specification process. 

Innovative Products for Inspired Designs

We offer many design innovations to the architectural community within our line card: HVAC systems designed into a building's facade, Linear shower drains hidden within a wall, Stunning commercial restroom fixtures and partitions. These are just a few of the offerings.

Our manufacturer partners offer countless solutions to enhance to overall design and aesthetic of any project. 


Continuing Education for the Design and Engineering Community

Oatey offers monthly opportunities to earn creits for: AIA, ASPE, HSW, IDCEC, NARI, NKBA. 

Participants will learn the advantages of utilizing a trench or channel drain in their projects.  After completing this course, you will have the knowledge to plan for curbless shower installation, gain an understanding of the layout options, and in which spaces it can be best utilized.

Register for Curbless Shower Design 

Bradley Corporation is an innovator in the commercial restroom space. They offer several AIA and ASPE continuing education courses online.

Our commercial team is also ready with in-person CEU presentations that we can deliver via Lunch and Learn with your team.

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We offer in-person AIA credits to learn how a Magic-Pak All-In-One HVAC system can help give back useful space in every multi-family space you design. All a Magic-Pak system needs is a 3' X 3' closet on an exterior wall. After that, the rest of the space is yours to design as you choose. 

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