Training is an essential part of what we do as a company. Our team is the first point of contact for our distributors and contractors regarding product knowledge, and we take tremendous pride in delivering timely product solutions for our partners every day.  

Our team spends time every day learning the most efficient installation and troubleshooting techniques for the products we represent. 

New Product Training

Let’s face it. Keeping up with new product info can be a tough task for contractors and distributors in today’s rapidly changing world. Manufacturers are putting out new products every week and some of these may be the solution to take your business to the next level. 

Our team is dedicated to ensuring our partners stay ahead of today’s latest innovations. When our manufacturers introduce a new product to the market, we take a deep dive to quickly understand how the product can make our partners more profitable in the field.  

We then make sure our distributor and contractor partners get the training they need to learn how to install and troubleshoot these products. 

Installation Training

Whether a product is new-to-market or a tried-and-true workhorse, a proper install is the easiest way to ensure a long-lasting operation and a satisfied end-customer.  
Our team has invested hours into understanding the most efficient install techniques for the various manufacturers we represent. Each job is unique, and contractors investing time into learning proper install procedures will save their business countless hours in callbacks down the road.  
Not only does our team train on the equipment itself, but we also help our contractor and distributor partners understand how a specific product interacts with the overall mechanical system.  
Our diverse line card has given pour team extensive knowledge in mechanical systems, so when you partner with Preferred Sales, you’re gaining a trusted partner in the mechanical room.  

Troubleshooting & Diagnostic Training

A proper install is Part 1 of most trainings, but just as important is Part 2: What do you do when something goes wrong with an install?  
A piece of equipment could be in startup or running for years. Sometimes a job just gives our partners fits. Because of our exposure to products across the entire mechanical room, we have become a vital asset to helping our partners in the field when it comes to troubleshooting. 
We understand the importance of an efficient service call, and our troubleshooting and diagnostic trainings are focused on helping contractors quickly solve their customers’ issues and get onto the next job. Just as with install training, investing in troubleshooting knowledge well before the time you need it is essential to any growing contractor business.  
We often schedule our trainings in the early morning or evening when it is most convenient to our contractor and distributor partners, so they can remain focused on the day’s business.  
So please give us call if you’re looking to streamline your service calls with stronger product knowledge related to our manufacturers! 

New Install Startup

Our startup team will make sure your installation is operating properly from Day 1. 

We offering startup consultations on several of our technical product lines, such as water heaters, boilers, mini-splits, booster pumps, and more. 

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