Industry Associations / Involvement

Improving Our Business Everyday through AIM/R Participation

The Association of Independent Manufacturers' Representatives (AIM/R) is an organization where reps can come together in live and virtual forums to share best practices and enhance their businesses.  This organization has been vital to our company’s success for many decades.  
Our two most recent Presidents, Pete Lewnes and Alan Guidish, both served as Presidents of AIM/R, and our Vice President of Sales, Michelle Lewnes-Dadas is in line to become our company’s third AIM/R President in 2025. Michelle is also conference chair for the 2023 Annual Conference in Miramar Beach, FL.  
AIM/R has allowed our leadership team to network with other top rep principals, share strategic business initiatives, and apply many of the lessons from this organization to our own business. There would be no Preferred Sales Inc. in its current form without our participation in AIM/R. 

CPMR Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative

Any sales rep looking to gain a better understanding of their craft and the overall business in which we operate should enroll in CPMR. CPMR is a three-year program in which participants gain an in-depth understanding of a manufacturer’s representative agency business fundamentals.  
Our team is fortunate to have multiple CPMR graduates among our leadership ranks – with additional team members starting their three-year program in the coming years.  

  • Pete Lewnes, CEO – CPMR completed at Indiana University 
  • Alan Guidish, President – CPMR completed at Indiana University 
  • Michelle Lewnes- Dadas, Vice President of Sales – CPMR completed at Arizona State University 
  • Ken Davis, Director Residential Sales – CPMR completed at Arizona State University 
  • Matt Copas, Director Wholesale Sales – CPMR completed at University of Texas – Austin 
  • Matt Guidish, Director Marketing and Analytics – CPMR 101 completed January 2023 at University of Texas – Austin (expected graduation in January 2025) 

Our Team's Involvement in Local and National Trade Associations

Our team is dedicated to industry involvement at both national and local levels. Outside of our passion for AIM/R, our leadership team is also active at various levels of the American Suppliers’ Association (ASA). We participate in several ASA events throughout the year including their annual, NETWORK, Women in Industry, and Emerging Leaders conferences. Additionally, we are active in our local ASA chapter the North Central Wholesalers Association (NCWA). 
Our sales team is also active in trade associations across the industry, including PHCC, ACCA, MCAA, ASPE, and more. Many of our team members participate in board positions within these organizations as well.