As a manufacturers agent, we know how to gain market share

Our synergistic line card puts us in the places our manufacturers need us to be.

A Diverse Team of Experts

Our manufacturer rep agency has more than 20 outside sales experts hitting the street across our territory every day. From our new-to-the-industry sales associates through our more tenured sales pros, each provides a unique perspective for our sales efforts.  
Our sales strategies are targeted across several aspects of the supply chain to give our manufacturer partners the greatest return on their investment in our agency.  
Training. Troubleshooting. Merchandising. Jobsite consultations. We take on anything our customers in the field need to grow their overall business. 

Meet our sales team below

John  Yurcik

John Yurcik

Outside Sales
Joe  Starr

Joe Starr

Outside Sales
Matt  Smart

Matt Smart

Outside Sales
Marshall  Myers

Marshall Myers

Outside Sales
Rick  Link

Rick Link

Outside Sales
Jon  Hall

Jon Hall

Outside Sales
Dayne  Graff

Dayne Graff

Outside Sales
Jessica  Gibson-Thomas

Jessica Gibson-Thomas

Outside Sales
Matt  Decaprio

Matt Decaprio

Outside Sales
Steve  Armstrong

Steve Armstrong

Outside Sales
Dave  Bernardini

Dave Bernardini

Outside Sales
Kunj  Shinde

Kunj Shinde

Outside Sales
Rachel  Goodman

Rachel Goodman

Outside Sales
Mark  Breier

Mark Breier

Technical Sales Specialist
David  Budziak

David Budziak

Outside Sales

Our sales process is guided by data

Our sales team is trained to live in our business intelligence software. They harness the data available from our manufacturers to help our distribution partners make valuable business decisions every single day.  
We can quickly key into market trends and proactively plan to address them in our strategic action plans.  
Through our BI software, we help our distribution partners analyze their inventory, determine how they are performing against market, and develop strategies to make them successful with our manufacturers.  

Learn more about our data analytics team

Living in the Secondary Markets

With our targeted sales approach, many of our sales team spends a significant portion of their time in the secondary markets.  
Whether developing relationships with engineers, architects, mechanical contractors, or service contractors, we work to understand their business and project needs and identify where our manufacturers solutions can make them more profitable.  

Warehousing Solutions

If you are a manufacturer looking for a manufacturers agent and supply chain solutions, you have come to the right place. We have a 25,000-square-foot warehouse attached to our corporate offices in Hermitage, PA and additional warehouse space in our Cleveland offices. 
Several of our distribution partners use our warehouses to help maintain their own inventory efficiencies.  
Several manufacturers have also established inventory in our Hermitage warehouse to take advantage of our location on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border just off Interstate 80. We can effectively ship to most of the United States within 48 hours.  

See Our Warehousing Solutions