We are Setup for Long-Term Success

From an established succession plan throughout the organization to key infrastructure investments, our organization continues to execute on our long-term vision for success. 

Succession is Engrained in Our DNA

As a multi-generation rep agency, we have successfully changed company ownership several times throughout our history. These transitions have always been at the core of our corporate strategy and will remain a focal point in our continued growth.  
Our current president, Alan Guidish, will be succeeded by our current Vice President of Sales, Michelle Lewnes-Dadas, whenever we enact our next strategic succession.  
In addition to ownership succession, we have built succession into all levels of our organization. Whether through our entry-level Sales Associate program or leadership development initiatives, our company continues to grow with a roster of outstanding established and emerging leaders. 

Constantly Reinvesting into Our People

Even before COVID upended the working world at large, we were heavily investing in IT and digital infrastructure. Today, we continue to reinvest in both physical and digital infrastructure to ensure the future operating success of our company.  
From BI and ERP software to clean-energy tow motors and employee wellness programs, our operations team is constantly evaluating the business landscape to find solutions that benefit our team’s current success and future growth.  

Poised for Growth

Our team has aggressive plans for organic and inorganic growth in the coming years. Our current line card includes some of the industry’s best manufacturers and products. This allows us to effectively sell many lines into the same job and work in true partnership with our distribution partners. We are always open to adding manufacturers to our line card to complement our existing partners.  


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